Unlimited member Carl Hellicar answers our questions in our 'Sweet or Salted?' interview

Unlimited member Carl Hellicar was the recent winner of our Exodus: Gods and Kings competition, and was lucky enough to walk down the red carpet at the film's premiere alongside the likes of Christian Bale and Ridley Scott.

So we thought we'd quiz Carl on all things film. Will he go for sweet or salted popcorn? Read the interview to find out.

Which Cineworld cinema do you go to most often? 


How long have you been an Unlimited member? 

7 years

What was the first film you ever saw in the cinema? 

Jurassic Park 

What films are you looking forward to the most in the next year? 

Terminator: Genisys, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Kingsman: The Secret Service

Sweet or salty popcorn? 


What films are your guilty pleasures? 

Starship Troopers, The Running Man and Step Brothers.

Which film would you like to be a character in? 

Despicable Me 

Which film have you seen the most times? 

Donnie Brasco 

What is your all-time favourite film? 

Jurassic Park

Which movie star would you like to share a pick and mix with? 

Sean Bean

Bond or Bourne? 


Alien or Aliens


Best Batman? 

Christian Bale 

Favourite film quote? 

"Clever girl..." – Jurassic Park.

Trailers – rate or hate? 


What are your favourite remakes? 

The Departed, Insomnia and The Incredible Hulk.

Oscar nominee or summer blockbuster? 

Summer blockbuster

What film would you like to see brought back to the cinema? 


What do you like most about being an Unlimited Customer? 

Seeing lots of different films and taking a chance with ones that I think might not appeal to me.