Audition now for your chance to star in our next Unlimited advert

Are you an Unlimited member? Ever fancied seeing yourself on the big screen? Then you'll want to pay attention and keep reading.

We are looking for Unlimited members to audition to become part of our next Unlimited advert. 

Auditions are now open, so here's how you enter.

  • Record a video of yourself and upload it to TikTok or Instagram using #UnlimitedQuiz.
  • Remember, your account needs to be public.

Film yourself answering the following questions in your video:

  • What is your name?
  • How long have you been a member for?
  • How many movies do you think you’ve seen with Unlimited?
  • Do you have an Unlimited buddy?
  • How many friends have you recommended to Unlimited?
  • What upcoming film(s) are you most looking forward to coming out in the cinema?
  • What is your favourite Unlimited perk?
  • How much money do you think you've saved with Unlimited?

Upload your video by February 26th for your chance to enter. Terms and conditions apply.

Are you up to the challenge? Then there's no time like the present – get your video uploaded straight away for your chance to star in our new Unlimited campaign. Plus, in addition to ultimate bragging rights, you’ll get a £200 Cineworld Gift Card if you’re selected!

If you've ever imagined yourself up there in lights on a Cineworld screen, this is your chance to make a long-held dream come true. Good luck!

If you're not an Unlimited member and are keen to audition, then sign up today via the link below.