5 scenes from Disney’s Tangled that you'll soon be able to rewatch on the big screen

Throughout this summer, we at Cineworld have been delighted to reunite you with your favourite Disney princess movies. It's part of our ongoing Movies for Juniors series of screenings, and the magic doesn't stop yet – because Disney classic Tangled returns from 17th to 23rd of August. 

To get you ready, we've rounded up five classic scenes that you'll soon be able to watch on the big screen.

1. Horse power

There's a long line of scene-stealing animal sidekicks in Disney movies, but few are funnier than proud white stallion Maximus. No wonder he (eventually) makes a great team with rider Flynn (voiced by Zachary Levi) and the imprisoned, flaxen-haired Rapunzel (Mandy Moore).

2. 'I See The Light'

Although Tangled is, first and foremost, a wickedly funny take on the timeless Rapunzel myth, it of course has its moments of wide-eyed beauty. This duet between Rapunzel and Flynn is a case in point.

3. Pascal meets Flynn

One of the great things about Tangled is there's not one animal sidekick, but two. This brilliant scene where chameleon Pascal makes Flynn's acquaintance is one of several beautifully timed moments of physical comedy in the movie.

4. The pan is mightier than the sword

One man with a skillet versus a group of soldiers, followed by a horse wielding a blade? Never let it be said that Tangled lacks brilliantly imaginative set-pieces.

5. 'I've Got a Dream'

Not to be confused with 'I Dreamed a Dream' from Les Miserables. This group effort, which emerges from the depths of the Snuggly Duckling tavern, proves that even the most uncouth individuals are capable of breaking into song. That's the Disney magic for you.

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