Cineworld Wembley manager Ben Hammond talks about the opening of the spectacular new cinema

Cineworld Wembley opened last week to the delight of film fans. We caught up with the manager Ben Hammond who talks us through what customers can expect from the lavish new cinema.

What experience will Cineworld Wembley offer its loyal customers?

Cineworld Wembley will always offer first class service inside one of the most modern and visually stunning cinemas in the country. The atmosphere is incredible and I don't think the "wow factor" will wear off any time soon (It hasn't for me, that's for sure.) With DBOX technology, an unlimited lounge, the foyer stadia and our huge Starbucks that over looks Wembley Stadium, our loyal customers will be able to tailor their own visit each and every time they come here.

What are the digital capabilities of the cinema?

All 9 auditoriums are fitted with the very latest NEC digital projectors with 5 of our screens enabled for 3D content.

What films are you looking forward to screening?

I love the range of movies we are able to play and the multitude of audiences we can play to. I think Captain Phillips will get a great reaction, we are expecting big things from our superhero movies Krrish 3 and of course Thor 2. Great comedies include Bad Grandpa and very soon we have Anchorman 2. I am also really looking forward to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I think it will be great for our family audience around Christmas.

What films do you like watching as a viewer yourself?

I'm a huge movie fan and enjoy sitting and watching just about anything. I am lucky enough to work in a place where I can surround myself with movie buffs and regularly receive great recommendations. I love comedies of all shapes and sizes and will regularly turn to the likes of Dumb and Dumber, Anchorman, Seven Psychopaths etc. for a good laugh. I love the classics and will always have a need to watch Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, Casino and Goodfellas. I also love Korean Cinema (as was recommended to me) and get gripped by the likes of I Saw The Devil and Old Boy. In terms of getting myself in to the cinema I am looking forward to Thor 2, Saving Mr. Banks, Don Jon, Anchorman 2 and the remake of Old Boy to see what they have done with it.

Have you already paid a visit to Cineworld Wembley? Then tell us what you think!