Cineworlders share the first movies they watched in the cinema

Today, we've launched our Cineworld 30 Day Film Challenge. Every day throughout June, we're sharing a particular scenario, and we're asking film fans to respond on social media. While we're closed, we want to know what it is about going to the cinema that you love so much.

Today, we want to know about the very first movie you saw in the cinema. Already, people have responded in their droves, and we've rounded up some nostalgic tweets, starting with this from Jo Higman.

Anna has fond memories of a certain classic musical starring John Travolta...

Northern Sole was inspired by a certain DC comic book hero.

Ms Nisha Cullinane says Macauley Culkin was breaking hearts at a young age.

Shane says that a Disney witchy classic was his first film – we imagine he'll be first in line for the planned sequel.

Stacey Smith cherishes her early memories of seeing Beauty and the Beast.

What was the first film you saw in the cinema? Take part in the Cineworld 30 Day Film Challenge and let us know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.