Die Hard infographic: discover fun facts about the Bruce Willis classic

Remarkably, action masterpiece Die Hard turns 32 years old this summer. Age hasn't dimmed the white-knuckle tension of John McClane's battle against the forces of Hans Gruber, all of which takes place in the confines of the Nakatomi Plaza.

Bruce Willis shot to stardom with his role as the resourceful New York cop, who swiftly finds himself out of his depth. And the late, great Alan Rickman set a new gold standard for movie villains as the suave, sneering Gruber.

If you're gearing up for an anniversary re-watch this weekend, you might enjoy our handy infographic, which rounds up all the Die Hard facts you never realised you needed.

Curious to know how many punches are thrown in this classic blockbuster? What about the number of characters with moustaches? Find out by scrolling down.

Die Hard movie infographic

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