Discover the reactions to our Secret Screening of Talk To Me

Last night saw our Secret Screening of the acclaimed, bone-chilling horror Talk To Me. This Australian chiller is the debut feature from sibling filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou, and recounts the story of a seemingly possessed hand that wrecks the lives of people who touch it for too long.

Breakout actor Sophie Wilde impresses as Mia, the bereaved teenager who engages with the hand in order to connect with her deceased mother. But it doesn't take long for things to descend into intense horror in the latest onslaught from indie kings A24, the studio behind the likes of The Witch and Hereditary.

Discover what Cineworlders made of the movie in the curated responses below.


Missed the screening? Talk To Me is on release from July 28th. Click the link below to book your tickets.