Scarlett Johansson talks Ghost in the Shell

Proving that blockbusters need not be boys' own adventures, Scarlett Johansson has carved out a niche as a fine action star of her own off the back of the Marvel movies and the kick-ass Lucy.

It's these hits that are set to inform her new role in futuristic thriller Ghost in the Shell, one based on the hugely influential Manga series in which she plays law enforcer The Major.

A character who bridges the divide between the robotic and the human, made of metal yet possessed of a soul, it's poised to be a good match with Johansson's enigmatic, captivating screen presence. In an interview with Empire, she's been explaining why the character is so compelling.

"She’s living a unique experience," Johansson explains, "as somebody who has an idea of who she thinks she was, and then who she is now, and the person that she feels she is, this sort of gnawing feeling she has in her ghost. Being able to play those three sides: the ego, the superego and the id... That was pretty enticing."

The actress has also grabbed the attention for the provocative, skin-tight catsuit we see her sporting in the trailer. Even so Johansson admits it's more about function than comfort.

"I don’t wear that too often, thankfully," she admits. "It’s hot where you don’t want it to be and cold where you don’t want it to be."

Ghost in the Shell is released on 31st March. Is this going to be one of your blockbusters of the year? Let us know @Cineworld.