5 hilarious Jennifer Lawrence moments proving that the No Hard Feelings star is a natural comic

Looking for an alternative to thunderous action blockbusters? Let us point you toward the raucous new Jennifer Lawrence comedy No Hard Feelings, in which she plays a cash-strapped Uber driver attempting to bring a gawky teen out of his shell. (Remember, to click here to book tickets for the No Hard Feelings Unlimited screening on June 19th.)

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, starring in a broad, knockabout comedy? It might seem out of character for the Oscar-winning performer but Lawrence has comic form on the promotional circuit.

With No Hard Feelings tickets now on sale (click here to book yours), here are some of Jennifer's most flat-out hilarious moments from the interview circuit.


1. Deflecting Jack Nicholson at the Oscars

This was the moment we all fell in love with J-Law. A mere three years into her Hollywood career, she grabbed a much-deserved Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. However, Jennifer was still green enough to be brilliantly flustered and overwhelmed by a lurking Jack Nicholson, a likely reflection of how all us mortals would react in such a situation. It helped cement her down-to-Earth brand.



2. Getting her game face on

An Abercrombie and Fitch contract, a beach, a football – what could possibly go wrong? In this memorable Graham Norton clip (one of several hugely entertaining appearances from Jennifer on the show), J-Law again demonstrated that she's not averse to making an endearing fool of herself. The reveal of her 'football face' is worth its weight in gold.



3. Verbally sparring with Chris Pratt

Who possesses the best array of playground insults, Jennifer Lawrence or her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt? In this instalment of the (now-defunct) item from Scott Mills' Radio One show, both actors show an admirable commitment to one-upping each other, although, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's Jennifer who struggles most often to keep a straight face.



4. Playing the circle game with X-Men co-star James McAvoy

In this Graham Norton clip, Jennifer and James' chemistry is self-evident and charming. What happens when Jennifer's apparently innocent circle game (you look at the circle and take a punch) is adopted, or corrupted, by the cast of X-Men? Watch the clip to find out.



5. Surprising members of the public on Hollywood Boulevard

Jennifer was game for this Saturday Night Live stunt in which she went out onto Hollywood Boulevard to challenge ordinary members of the public. Their task: to identify as many of her movies as possible. For an Oscar-winning A-lister, she admirably takes things in her stride with characteristic humour and good grace.



Has this got you in the mood to watch the first full-on Jennifer Lawrence slapstick comedy? Then click the link below to book your tickets for No Hard Feelings. The movie is released at Cineworld on June 23rd.