Kingsley Ben-Adir celebrates Bob Marley's legacy at the One Love pop-up in Brixton

The cast of Bob Marley: One Love celebrated the legacy of the titular music legend at a recent pop-up in Brixton, London. It was here that Marley cemented his reputation as a pioneer of the reggae genre, bringing his Jamaican roots to the attention of an international audience.

Actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, who portrays Marley in the film, joined director Reinaldo Marcus-Green and co-star James Norton. The weekend-long pop-up began early morning on January 26th on Windrush Square with an art installation takeover. Here, the famous lyrics 'Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright', taken from Bob Marley’s hit Three Little Birds, were displayed across the grounds.

The weekend saw live music from Reprezent Radio, Rebel Clash and Cristale. There were also spoken word workshops from Adisa The Verbalizer and poetry from Poetic Unity. Here are some snaps from a memorable celebration of a late, lamented and trailblazing artist.

Kingsley Ben-Adir attends Bob Marley: One Love pop-up in Brixton


Book your tickets for Bob Marley: One Love and watch the trailer below. It's released on February 2nd.