Last Night In Soho: new image from Edgar Wright's upcoming movie

In 2021, we're due to get a clutch of exciting new horror movies. One of the most intriguing is Edgar Wright's new chiller, Last Night In Soho, the first properly scary feature from the acclaimed British director. Although Wright's past films have dipped their toe in the realm of the horrific (most famously, Shaun of the Dead), he's never made a full excursion into the genre until now.

A new image has been shared by Total Film (via Games Radar). It shows star Anya Taylor-Joy bathed in crimson tones (cue the "got red on you" jokes), and in the process teases one of two timelines at work in the movie.

Anya Taylor-Joy in Last Night In Soho

Plot details are mysterious, but Total Film describes the movie in the following terms: "In 2019, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a young woman from the country, arrives in London to pursue her passion for fashion design. Things don’t go great. Meanwhile, in 1965, singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy) similarly discovers that the big city’s supposedly gold-paved streets are riven with cracks that can swallow you whole."

Speaking to Total Film, Wright said the idea for the story stemmed from the unique atmosphere cast by Soho itself. "The idea for the movie is the result of 25 years of living and working in Soho. I spent so much time looking at the architecture, thinking, ‘What have these walls seen?’ And walking the streets late at night. Soho’s become a lot more gentrified, but it still has that darkness just under the surface. It’s one of those places where you only need to stand still for 60 seconds for something strange or magical or weird or dark to happen.”

The excellent supporting cast not only includes Thomasin McKenzie (from the brilliant Leave No Trace), but also ex-Doctor Who Matt Smith, Terence Stamp and Dame Diana Rigg in her final film performance. The presence of Anya Taylor-Joy of course catches the attention, following the acclaim she's received for engrossing chess drama The Queen's Gambit. (She will also play the younger Charlize Theron in the forthcoming Mad Max prequel Furiosa.)

Last Night In Soho is Wright's sixth feature film and may well be followed by Baby Driver 2, the sequel to his hit 2017 car chase-musical. We can expect to see the former in theatres from 23rd April, although release dates could change. Let us know @Cineworld if you'll be first in line.