Napoleon trailer pairs Ridley Scott with Joaquin Phoenix for a history-defining epic

The king of the historical epic, Ridley Scott, meets the Oscar-winning star of Joker (and the upcoming Joker: Folie a Deux), Joaquin Phoenix, in the forthcoming Napoleon movie. The two men previously collaborated on the Oscar-winning Gladiator (2000). Now, they turn their attention to the life of the military commander turned Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, who transformed France and the entire course of contemporary European history.


In Scott's characteristic style, the movie possesses an epic sweep that traces Bonaparte's beginnings and his controversial end, his military triumphs and his chequered personal life. From a relatively lowly military officer to the ruler of France, Bonaparte's life was epochal and continues to prove hugely controversial. 

Phoenix is renowned for his intensity and his ability to get beneath the skin of slippery individuals. He looks well-matched here with Vanessa Kirby as Napoleon's eventual wife and Empress Josephine, who positions herself as the power behind the throne. 

As one would expect from the director of Gladiator, The Duellists (1977), Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and The Last Duel (2021), not to mention the upcoming Gladiator 2, this is set to offer a visual feast as it reportedly encompasses six of the landmark battles that distinguished Napoleon's career. Naturally, this includes the famous Battle of Waterloo which proved decisive in terms of Napoleon's wider military career and his historical legacy.

The movie is written by David Scarpa with whom Scott collaborated on 2017's All the Money in the World. Check out the trailer below and make way for Napoleon's arrival on November 22nd.