Parasite: discover the Cineworld Unlimited reactions

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Director Bong Joon-ho's new movie Parasite screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members on Friday. This critically-lauded South Korean thriller is the story of a poor family that invades the lives of their wealthier counterparts – with disastrous consequences.

The movie has already received rave reviews and several Oscar nominations, including historic South Korean firsts in the Best Picture and Best International Feature categories. So what did Unlimited viewers make of it?

Sam says the movie blew him away, and that it's more than deserving of the accolades being heaped on it.

Jessywise says Joon-ho's typically unpredictable direction kept her guessing throughout.

Fake Shemp describes the movie as an emotional rollercoaster.

Clare says she can't wait to engage with the film's twisted atmosphere all over again.

Christopher Dray says he loved the movie, although advises potential viewers to go in unawares.

And Kyle Snape says the movie is a rare example of 10 out of 10 perfection.

Parasite is released in Cineworld cinemas on the 7th of February. If you were at Friday's screening, tweet us your reactions @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited.

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