Past Lives: watch new clips and a featurette for the critically praised drama

Acclaimed drama Past Lives stunned Unlimited members during our recent preview screening (click here to discover the reactions). Writer-director Celine Song's sensitive and beautiful ode to love, regret and missed opportunities goes on general release at Cineworld on September 8th and isn't to be missed.

The movie centres on Nora and Hae Sung whose idyllic pre-teen friendship in South Korea is shattered when the former's family emigrates to America. They're reunited as adults decades later in New York when they come to terms with what might have been.

Nora (played as an adult by Greta Lee) is now married to the loving Arthur (John Magaro) while the grown-up Hae Sung (Teo Yoo) is compelled to watch from the sidelines at the childhood love who slipped through his fingers.

The attentive performances and the atmosphere of quiet longing conjured by Song's sensitive direction have left critics enraptured. You can get a flavour of what to expect in the following clips, which tease Nora and Hae Sung's complex yet largely unspoken dynamic.


If that's whetted your appetite, find out more about the making of the movie in the following featurette. The video outlines the meaning of the Korean term In-Yun, which essentially describes the moment of fate when two strangers brush past one another, and this is intrinsic to the film's impact.


Click the link below to book your tickets for Past Lives. The movie opens at Cineworld on September 8th.