Pearl promises to tingle the spine during this March's Unlimited screening

Mia Goth cements her status as a modern horror icon in the new movie Pearl. It's the prequel to the hit 2022 chiller X, acting as the origin story for Goth's memorably twisted serial killer Pearl, and it screens in advance for Unlimited members this March.

Director Ti West reunites with Goth and elicits another memorably unnerving performance, the narrative moving back from the seedy 1970s setting of X to the Technicolor period environment of the early 20th century. We're witness to Pearl's birth as a deranged lunatic, starting with her desire to become a film star in the manner of the iconic Judy Garland.

However, when Pearl cannot realise her aspirations it sets in motion a darkly comic and shocking bloodbath. The visual style of Pearl ironically apes the bold primary colours of beloved classics such as The Wizard of Oz, lending Pearl's rampage an even more lurid sheen of excess and sensationalism.

It promises to be a vivid experience for horror fans as West once again indulges his retro genre stylings (already seen in the cult likes of House of the Devil). Meanwhile, Goth paints a striking picture of a psycho in the making. Check out the trailer below.


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