Renfield: meet Nicolas Cage's Dracula in a new clip

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It's been a long time coming, some three and half decades in fact, but we're about to bear witness to Nicolas Cage as Dracula. The oddball A-lister is set to chew the scenery and his fellow performers in his role as the Lord of Darkness, while making life very difficult indeed for Nicholas Hoult's titular Renfield.

The latter is trying to escape his evil master's clutches but finds it difficult to go incognito. That's because Dracula has imbued his hapless accomplice with ferocious limb-lopping abilities, although the real problems start when the Count is invited over the threshold into Renfield's group therapy session...

With his toothy smile, top hat and pallid demeanour, Cage's Dracula makes an immediate impression, and that's not even mentioning the accent. On the scale of Cage, how extreme is he about to go? Find out in the following clip, which anticipates inevitable, blackly comic carnage.