Rye Lane screens in advance for Unlimited members this March

Looking for a smart and sassy British rom-com that breathes fresh life into the genre? Let us point you towards Rye Lane, the critically acclaimed new movie that screens in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members this March.

Raine Allen-Miller makes her directorial debut with this uplifting story of two south Londoners who connect with each other while on the rebound from their respective exes. Vivian Oparah (I May Destroy You) and David Jonsson (Industry) play the central characters Yas and Dom in a movie that spans only one day, but suggests a connection that may last a lifetime. Check out the trailer.


Rye Lane has been praised by critics. Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com raves: "Rye Lane” is a burst of cinematic energy, a film that incorporates beats from “Before Sunrise,” classic British rom-coms, and even the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest into something that somehow feels familiar and new at the same time.

"The emotional beats are what we’ve seen before—it’s another story of two people who have a very unusual meet-cute and spend the rest of a wacky night together—but the characters, their dialogue, and the vibrant neighborhood in which this is set elevate it into something fresh. Let’s face it: the rom-com is in a dire state right now. This is one of the best of the decade so far."

Make a date with British cinema's hottest new couple. Rye Lane screens in advance on March 15th.

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