Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has made a self-isolation horror short

While we're in lockdown, it's vital that we think of creative solutions to take our minds off the current situation. And filmmaker David F. Sandberg has triumphed with his latest venture.

The Shazam! director has returned to his horror roots to fashion a creepy new horror short movie for the self-isolation era. Titled 'Shadowed', it stars his wife and production partner Lotta Losten as a woman menaced by something nasty in her home.

It takes Sandberg back to the days of Lights Out – or, to be more specific, the terrifying short movie that inspired the 2016 horror hit. Losten starred in the latter film, playing a woman menaced by a creature that strikes when the lights go off.

While we await further news on the Shazam! sequel, which was meant to begin production this year, check out both Sandberg's new short film and the previous one.

Who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to pick up a camera and interpret your own self-isolation experiences? If it does, let us know @Cineworld.