Smile director Parker Finn takes you behind the scenes of his creepy new horror movie

Terrifying new horror movie Smile is adapted by Parker Finn from his own short film, Laura Hasn't Slept. Are you brave enough to watch it at Cineworld? (For the record, check out what Cineworld Unlimited members thought of the movie right here.)

When unsuspecting psychiatric nurse Rose (Sosie Bacon) is a witness to a woman's horrific suicide, she can't imagine the terror that will ensue. Prior to her death, the victim claimed she was being pursued by a demonic curse, one that manifests in the form of a hideous smile.

Now, Rose is convinced that she is also being stalked by an evil force. But who will believe her? With its 18-rating and assortment of jumpy moments, Smile is sure to scratch a particular itch for fans of harder-edged horror.

Go behind the scenes of the movie with Finn himself as he outlines Rose's chilling ordeal and the thrill of watching a good old-fashioned horror movie on the big screen.


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