National Popcorn Day: 10 movie popcorn recipes to make while in lockdown

We know many of you have Cineworld withdrawals! We know watching a blockbuster on a small screen can never compare to the big screen experience. A big part of the cinema magic is, of course, the tasty treats, so while we wait to welcome back to the best place to watch a movie, we thought we'd share some fun popcorn recipes you can try at home! After all, what's a movie without popcorn to tuck into?

To celebrate National Popcorn Day, it's time to crack on with making the following tasty treats. Plus, don’t forget about our Cineworld playlist to add a little extra cinema magic to your next movie night.

1. Simple popcorn recipe

Cooking skills not up to scratch? No problem – go back to basics with this essential popcorn recipe.

Simple popcorn recipe

2. Tex-Mex popcorn recipe

Fire up your tastebuds with a spicy twist on the usual popcorn formula.

Tex-Mex popcorn recipe

3. Rosemary Parmesan popcorn recipe

Bring Italian flavours to your popcorn recipe with this mixture of classics.

Rosemary Parmesan popcorn recipe


4. Chewy Caramel popcorn recipe

After something sweeter? Then this combination of flavours is a match made in heaven.

Chewy Caramel popcorn recipe


5. Caramel Nutella popcorn recipe

And if Chewy Caramel isn't enough, then Caramel Nutella will send those with a sweet tooth into overdrive.

Caramel Nutella popcorn recipe


6. Lime and Coriander popcorn recipe

Zest and earthy flavours go hand in hand with this offbeat popcorn recipe.

Lime and Coriander popcorn recipe


7. Snickers popcorn recipe

Chocolate meets popcorn as you combine the classic snack bar with the perennial cinema treat.

Snickers popcorn recipe


8. Sour Cream and Onion popcorn recipe

It's back to savoury flavours with two ingredients that go together like bacon and eggs.

Sour Cream and Onion popcorn recipe


9. Cheddar popcorn recipe

Cheese is always a good way to fire up an otherwise bland popcorn flavour.

Cheddar popcorn recipe


10. Butter popcorn recipe

Here's an all-American recipe that's sure to invite nostalgic memories of hushed movie theatres, concession stands and lots more.

Butter popcorn recipe


Which of these popcorn recipes will you be making at home during lockdown? Let us know @Cineworld.