The Broken Hearts Gallery: what you need to know

Looking for a funny, honest rom-com to lift you out of the lockdown funk? We want to point you towards The Broken Hearts Gallery, which is on the list of Cineworld re-opening movies this July. Scroll down to find out more about the film.


1. It purports to be an honest millennial-era love story

What if you couldn't leave the legacy of your most recent relationship behind? What if, in order to come to terms with the pain, you had to commemorate it? That's the neat premise of The Broken Hearts Gallery, in which one woman translates the wreckage of her most recent break-up into modern art, in the process inspiring others to do the same.

Said character is Lucy Gulliver, who is bereft after finishing with her boyfriend. While attempting to piece her life back together, Lucy has a chance encounter with a gallery owner, whom she later falls for. At the same time, she hits on the notion of showcasing mementos from her former relationship, visualising the good and bad times in an attempt to move on. 

It's essentially a movie version of The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia (no, we're not making that up). The film promises to mine authentic, often painful humour and emotional warmth from experiences that we've all been through, in the process showing how we can grow from potentially damaging scenarios.

2. It showcases a scene-stealing rising star

In 2018, raucous teen comedy Blockers emerged as a surprise hit. It was the story of over-zealous parents obsessing over the love-lives of their kids, with memorable performances from the likes of John Cena. However, the show was stolen by Geraldine Viswanathan, in what was only her third feature film appearance. She played Cena's on-screen daughter Kayla, whose fumbling adolescent attempts at romance lead to funny and surprisingly truthful moments.

Even Viswanathan's off-screen secrets were funny: she told Entertainment Weekly that she learned to act drunk from Anne Hathaway. Now, Viswanathan gets a chance to take the lead in her first rom-com, where she must balance the challenges of authentically depicting a young heartbroken woman while delivering a steady stream of laughs.

3. It's executive produced by Selena Gomez

Child star turned music sensation and online influencer Selena Gomez is overseeing the movie, which should help secure its popularity with a young audience. Gomez has already backed the likes of Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why, which similarly got beneath the skin of a millennial audience (albeit in a much darker manner). 

Gomez' accomplishments range from her early role in The Wizards of Waverley Place to a music career that's seen hits such as 'Come and Get It' and 'The Heart Wants What It Wants'. Gomez also runs her own fashion line and commands a loyal Instagram following, so she's ideally positioned to convey the message of The Broken Hearts Gallery.


4. It's the first feature film from a talented writer

The Broken Hearts Gallery marks a step-up for Natalie Krinsky, who graduates from Gossip Girl story editor/writer to full-bore director. Krinsky's presence on Gossip Girl is a hopeful indicator that her first film will be a pacey, glossy yet truthful experience. She will be working with producer David Gross, best known for Daniel Radcliffe/Zoe Kazan rom-com The F. Word (released in the UK as What If?) Oddly enough, he also produced Oscar-winning Brie Larson drama Room, so he would appear to have an eye for a memorable project when he sees it.


5. It also stars a Stranger Things favourite

Dacre Montgomery aka Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things plays Nick in the movie. He's the owner of the gallery that's later used by Lucy and her friends; however, as per the trailer, he's not just a means to an end. A connection soon forms between the two characters, although in classic rom-com fashion, it gets off to a bumpy start when she mistakes him for her Lyft driver. Let's hope that these two actors share some memorable chemistry.

6. It plans to open at the end of July

COVID-19 pandemic permitting, The Broken Hearts Gallery aims to release on 31st July, in time for Cineworld's re-opening.

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