Unlimited members watched Poor Things in advance and are raving about Emma Stone's performance

Is Poor Things on your movie-going radar this January? It certainly will be after you've read the enthusiastic responses from Unlimited members who attended last night's preview screening. 

Oscar contender and Golden Globe winner Emma Stone portrays Bella Baxter, a childlike adult who sets out to discover her identity and sexuality. Bella's bizarre steampunk world is marshalled by director Yorgos Lanthimos, famous for the acclaimed likes of The Favourite. As you would expect, Poor Things is filled with his trademarks including memorably cracked humour, outrageous set-pieces and bulbous-fish-eye camerawork.

Anchored by Stone's intensely physical performance, Poor Things has many complex things to say – and often goes about it in the most bizarre way possible. Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe also star in a movie that's widely tipped to sweep the forthcoming Oscars and Unlimited members have now cast their verdict. Read their responses and then scroll to the end to book your tickets.


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