Unlimited screening of Smoking Causes Coughing this July

Outrageous French black comedy Smoking Causes Coughing is your next Unlimited screening this July. Imagine a cross between the early splatterfests of Peter Jackson and Power Rangers, and you've got an idea as to what to expect from this gonzo superhero offering.

After a devastating battle against a diabolical turtle, a team of five heroes known as the Tobacco Force is sent on a mandatory retreat to strengthen their decaying group morale. Their break goes wonderfully well until Lézardin, Emperor of Evil, decides to annihilate planet Earth… Will they repair their relationship in time for a final epic battle?

The movie comes from director Quentin Dupieux who managed to turn a rogue tire into an object of terror in his cult horror-comedy hit Rubber (2010). Check out the trailer for Smoking Causes Coughing below. The movie screens in advance on July 5th.



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