All of your unmissable Unlimited screenings this March

Five Cineworld Unlimited screenings are headed your way during March. We're delighted to treat Unlimited members to a host of exciting advance screenings across a range of genres – and there may be a Secret Screening in there, too...

Scroll down to get all the essential info including movies and dates.


1. Champions (screening March 6th)

Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson charms in this uplifting story of a maverick basketball coach and the neurodivergent team he's charged with mentoring. Champions is a refreshingly inclusive experience that casts neurodivergent performers in the central roles, while Harrelson typically anchors the proceedings.

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2. Allelujah (screening March 7th)

British institution Alan Bennett (The Lady in the Van) adapts his 2018 stage play for this funny and poignant story of a UK hospital that's under threat of closure. The formidable ensemble includes such treasures as Jennifer Saunders, Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi.

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3. Secret Unlimited Screening #15 (screening March 11th)

It's time for your latest top-secret preview screening – but what could it be? Naturally, we're not going to tell you. Nevertheless, you can check out our Twitter page for hints...

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4. Pearl (screening March 13th)

Director Ti West presents the acclaimed prequel to his hit slasher movie X, introducing us to the grisly, early-20th-century origins of Mia Goth's titular serial killer, Pearl. Fuse the oversaturated colour of melodrama master Douglas Sirk with the psychodrama of, well, Psycho, and you can get an idea of Pearl's bold aesthetic.

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5. Rye Lane (screening March 15th)

The staid British rom-com gets a kick in the paints with this fresh and funky, London-set story of two lovesick lovebirds who make a connection while on the rebound from their exes. Expect an honest, truthful and funny story about the messiness of modern-day relationships.

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