Unwelcome: Unlimited members give their verdict on the new horror movie

Looking for a blast of new year horror that will chill you to the bone? Unwelcome fits the bill. Grabbers director Jon Wright unleashes rural Irish terror in this story of a young London couple who relocate to a remote forest where they come across primordial terror and angry locals.

With its throwback creature effects, ample gore and scene-chewing performances from Irish veterans such as Colm Meaney, there's plenty to get one's teeth into. Unwelcome previewed for Unlimited members last night as part of our Reward Season and the responses are now in. We've highlighted a few of them.


Missed the screening? Unwelcome is on release at Cineworld from January 27th. Check out the director below and be sure to read our interview with Unwelcome director Jon Wright.


Your exciting Unlimited journey doesn't end there. On January 28th we're delighted to bring you an advance screening of The Whale. Brendan Fraser makes his triumphant, Oscar-nominated comeback in this poignant story of an obese English teacher seeking reconciliation with his estranged daughter. Take a look at the trailer and we look forward to seeing you at the screening.


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