Popcorn and drinks


Carefully selected and carefully popped

Popcorn is a cinema goers' favourite snack and at Cineworld we take our popcorn very seriously. Whether it is a Small, Regular or Large bag, most of our popcorn is freshly popped, always carefully selected and you can choose from a range of sweet, salted or mixed.

*Available at most of our cinemas but not at all times

Soft Drinks

Feel refreshed!

We are excited and proud to offer a refreshing range of drinks including Pepsi MAX, Pepsi MAX Cherry, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up Free, Tango Sugar Free and Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant. The perfect companion to a bag of popcorn, you can enjoy our Soft Drinks in Small, Regular or Large sizes or you can choose from a wider range of bottled drinks from our fridges.


ICEE is the world’s #1 frozen drink that offers your taste buds a tingling thrill like no other. Fizzy, frozen and bursting with flavour, ICEE is on a mission to help you step beyond the everyday into a more vivid reality. You could say ICEE was born for the cinema experience! Flavours are now sugar free, so you can go big and make it a large for some guilt-free refreshment. Find this Swizzle Fizzle Freshy Freeze drink in all Cineworld Cinemas and pick from flavours Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Vimto.