Popcorn and drinks


Carefully selected and carefully popped

Popcorn is a cinema goers' favourite snack and at Cineworld we take our popcorn very seriously. Whether it is a Small, Regular or Large bag, most of our popcorn is freshly popped, always carefully selected and you can choose from a range of sweet, salted or mixed.

Soft Drinks

We are excited and proud to offer a refreshing range of drinks including Pepsi MAX, Pepsi MAX Cherry, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up Free, Tango Sugar Free and Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant. The perfect companion to a bag of popcorn, you can enjoy our Soft Drinks in Small, Regular or Large sizes or you can choose from a wider range of bottled drinks from our fridges.

Feel refreshed!

Tango Ice Blast

The ultimate cinema experience Frozen Soft Drink

Tango Ice Blast is the ultimate Cinema experience Frozen Soft Drink. This amazing Frozen Soft Drink delivers on taste, chill-factor, its super cool colours and is now No Sugar. At Cineworld you can choose from two great flavours; Blue Raspberry or Cherry, as well as some Limited edition flavours. Enjoy the ultimate mix of these in regular, large or the Exclusive Dynamite Collector Cup.

Available in selected cinemas.