2020 movies to watch again in Cineworld when we re-open

Itching to get back to the big screen? Well, we've got some terrific Cineworld news for you. Scroll down to discover some gems from 2020 that you'll get to enjoy when Cineworld re-opens on 31st July.


Sega icon Sonic bursts onto the big screen in his feature film debut, voiced by Ben Schwartz. This box office hit pits the ultra-fast gaming icon against Jim Carrey's fiendish Dr. Robotnik.

  • Bloodshot

Vin Diesel growls and punches his way through this Valiant Comics adaptation, playing a formerly dead Marine now invested with extraordinary superpowers. 

  • 1917

Sam Mendes' astonishingly immersive World War I drama returns to Cineworld, ready to re-envelop audiences in its long-take portrayal of trench warfare. Revisit Roger Deakins' Oscar-winning cinematography back on the big screen where it belongs.

Disney-Pixar's latest movie is a characteristic blend of warmth and tears, as two elf brothers (voiced by Marvel brethren Chris Pratt and Tom Holland) embark on a road trip to magically bring their late father back to life.

Amazingly, it's been 17 years since the release of Bad Boys 2, and 13 years since it formed the basis of that brilliant gag in Hot Fuzz. Now, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's cops Mike and Marcus are back to bicker their way through a fresh onslaught of action.

Music video veteran Melina Matsoukas makes her assured feature film debut with this stylish riff on Bonnie and Clyde. Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith are an arresting duo, playing lovers on the run in this romantic (and very topical) thriller.

  • My Spy

Guardians of the Galaxy bruiser Dave Bautista demonstrates his comic chops in this knockabout story of an elite operative who's forced to team up with a young girl.

  • Military Wives

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are an appealing chalk and cheese duo in this heartwarming drama, inspired by the creation of the UK's first-ever military wives choir.


Which of these classic movies will you be watching in Cineworld? Let us know @Cineworld.