A Man Called Otto: interviews with Marc Forster and Mariana Treviiño

The Nicest Guy in Showbusiness, Tom Hanks, switches things up in the poignant and funny comedy-drama A Man Called Otto.

We were delighted to catch up with the film's director Marc Forster and Hanks' co-star Mariana Treviño to discuss the movie's positive message and what it was like to get Hanks in an altogether different kind of role. 

Here's our interview with Marc who discusses bringing the story to the screen.


And here is our interview with Mariana who talks about working with the legendary Tom Hanks.


In this remake of the 2015 Swedish movie A Man Called Ove, Hanks plays the quintessential grump with a heart of gold. Bereft after his wife's death, the miserable Otto cannot face going on, until a chance encounter with his new neighbours promises to turn everything around. 

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