A Quiet Place: Part II – book your Cineworld tickets now

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Back in 2018, John Krasinski emerged as a horror director of repute with his acclaimed, blockbusting A Quiet Place. This inventive chiller takes place in the aftermath of a devastating creature invasion, as people are hunted by horrific monsters with an acute sense of hearing.

Both Krasinski's energetic direction and clever use of subjective sound drew critical raves, helping propel the film to grosses of more than $300 million against a $17 million budget. The lead performance of Krasinski's real-life wife Emily Blunt, playing imperilled mother Evelyn Abbott, was also widely praised.

Evelyn now returns in A Quiet Place: Part II, and you can book your tickets at Cineworld. Having discovered the monsters' weak spot (paralysis through piercing audio feedback), Evelyn and her family are now ready to begin the fight back. But first, they'll have to leave their home to find a new place to live, venturing beyond their carefully delineated path of sand through a landscape where even the slightest twig breaking can spell death.

However, the predators aren't the only threat at loose in the world. When Evelyn and her children, Marcus (Noah Jupe) and profoundly deaf Regan (Millicent Simmonds), come across fellow survivor Emmett (Cillian Murphy), they find themselves in a terrifying new situation.

As per the trailer, A Quiet Place: Part II both fills in the gaps as to the arrival of the creatures, and also examines the strange new world that exists in the wake of their rampage. Krasinski describes this as an expansion of the first film's mythology, and it's poised to be another huge horror hit.

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