Aldis Hodge cast in DC's Black Adam movie as Hawkman

DC's Black Adam movie is further taking shape with news that The Invisible Man's Aldis Hodge has landed a key role. Hodge will be appearing opposite Dwayne Johnson, who plays the titular Black Adam, as Hawkman, confirmed via Johnson's Instagram page.


THIS IS HAWKMAN 🦅 A pleasure to welcome @aldis_hodge to BLACK ADAM. HAWKMAN is a critical leading role for our movie, as he is the fiery leader of the JSA (Justice Society of America) and one of the most beloved and legendary characters in the DC UNIVERSE. I called Aldis personally as I wanted to surprise him that he got the role and it wound up being one of the greatest conversations I’ve ever had. Aldis: Hello? DJ: Hello, I’d like to speak to Aldis. Aldis: Who is this? DJ: This is Dwayne Johnson. * long pause Aldis: Whoever this is stop playing on my phone. DJ: This is Dwayne, is this Aldis? * longer pause Aldis: This shit ain’t funny, I said stop playing on my fucking phone. DJ: Aldis, this is DJ. I just called to say thank you so much for sending in your audition - it was great and I really appreciate the efforts you made. Just wanted to say thanks and best of luck in all you do. And one more thing — welcome to Black Adam. * longest pause Aldis: I’m sorry you’ll have to hold on for a one second. * he puts the phone down and walks away and all I hear is inaudible yells 😂 Aldis: DJAYYYY OHHHHH SHIT!!!!!! * Im laughing my ass off by now. DJ: You ok? You’re gonna crush this role! We went on to have an awesome conversation full of gratitude, love and motivation. Can’t wait to work with this very talented brother. The perfect HAWKMAN. Let’s get to work. #aldishodge #jsa #hawkman 🦅 #blackadam⚡️

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Hodge's casting confirms the movie's line-up of DC icons, also comprising Noah Centineo's Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate and Cyclone (both of whose actors are currently unknown). Together, they form the Justice Society of America, essentially a precursor to the Justice League, and the first superhero ensemble to appear in comic book form.

Hawkman has been through various character iterations since his debut in 1940. Created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville, he first appeared as archaeologist Carter Hall, who was the reincarnation of Egyptian prince Khufu. Later on, Hall was rebooted by Fox and Joe Kubert as Katar Hol, an alien policeman from the planet Thanagar.

That is, however, just a sampling of Hawkman's complex comic book history. There's a lot to cherrypick from as far as the filmmakers are concerned – the film is directed by Non-Stop helmer Jaume Collet-Serra, who has another Johnson movie waiting in the wings, Jungle Cruise. (Delayed from 2020, that will now arrive in summer 2021.)

Speculation is raging as to how Black Adam will tie into the world of DC hit Shazam!, starring Zachary Levi. The characters were mortal enemies in the original comics and Johnson was set to make a cameo in the first Shazam! film. Although that didn't come to pass, it's expected that Johnson and Levi will clash in either the Black Adam movie or the Shazam! sequel, due out in 2022.

Hodge, for his part, has emerged as a dynamic and versatile actor off the back of appearances in Straight Outta Compton, Hidden Figures, Black Mirror and Underground. Then, of course, there was his sympathetic performance in this year's sleeper horror hit The Invisible Man.


Instagram user @ultraraw26 has imagined what Hodge might look like in the Hawkman costume. Check out the results.

Black Adam is scheduled for release in December 2021, so let us know @Cineworld if you think Aldis Hodge is a good choice for the role of Hawkman.