Andy Muschietti talks IT CHAPTER TWO in our exclusive interview

What does it take to do justice to Stephen King? Director Andy Muschietti would know – he's the man behind 2017 horror blockbuster IT and this month's eagerly anticipated follow-up, IT CHAPTER TWO.

Muschietti presents us with the final battle between the Losers Club members and the dreaded entity Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard). The story has now moved ahead 27 years and the weight of the past is bearing down on our heroes. This isn't made easier by the fact Pennywise has returned even more malevolent than ever.

Possessed of a bigger budget and a longer length (165 minutes) than its predecessor, IT CHAPTER TWO is ambitious horror on an epic scale.

The scope of the movie is just one of the subjects we discuss with Andy during our interview. We also discover how be planted the seeds of the second instalment in the first movie, and what he loves most about the big screen experience. Also keep an eye on that balloon in the background...

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