Your ultimate guide to the zany A-list cast of Argylle

Argylle is the wild new action-comedy movie from director Matthew Vaughn and drops you headlong into an espionage plot unlike any other. If you're a fan of Kingsman and Kick-Ass filmmaker Vaughn, you'll know what to expect: outrageous violence, mordant humour and an all-star cast, all of which combine to blow you away.

The movie involves a reclusive spy novelist who becomes embroiled in an espionage plot that is both of her own making and massively out of her control. It's the first big all-action extravaganza of 2024 and has a glitzy ensemble to match. So, let's meet them – scroll down to discover the characters and who they're played by


Bryce Dallas Howard is Elly Conway

Elly is the reclusive author of a series of best-selling espionage novels, whose idea of bliss is a night at home with her computer and her cat, Alfie. But when the plots of Elly’s fictional books – which centre on secret agent Argylle and his mission to unravel a global spy syndicate – begin to mirror the covert actions of a real-life spy organization known as The Division, quiet evenings at home become a thing of the past.

“This is a spy thriller like you’ve never seen before, and I couldn’t believe it when I was reading it,” Howard says. “I thought, ‘I think I can play this character.’ And then I thought, ‘Wait, I think I am this character.’ As a 40-year-old woman, it’s not every day you get a part like this sent your way. It feels like a small miracle, so empowering and satisfying and fun. It is the best script I have ever read and the best part I have ever gotten to play.”


Sam Rockwell is Aidan

Aidan is the fictional secret agent created by Elly. He introduces himself to her on a train while disguised in straggly hair and beard. He informs Elly that she is now being targeted by The Division and he vows to protect her at all costs.

“[Matthew Vaughn] is into classic themes,” Rockwell says, “Pygmalion, Cinderella—he’s telling those sorts of stories, but he’s doing it with this wonderful dark humour."


Bryan Cranston is Ritter

Ritter is the leader of the nefarious Division and he's desperate to keep a lid on his secrets at all costs. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston says of the role: "[Matthew Vaughn] had incredible confidence in [screenwriter] Jason Fuchs’ work, and when I read the script, I was blown away by the audacity of the plot, but I was also thoroughly entertained.

"On set whenever anyone questioned a line or description in the script, Matthew would yell out, ‘Fuchs!’ The similarity to a ubiquitous expletive made me laugh every time."


Catherine O'Hara is Ruth

Elly's long-suffering mother, Ruth also doubles up as her book editor and harshest critic. Schitt's Creek and Home Alone star Catherine O'Hara says: "Every twenty pages another anvil drops. It’s really exciting, and I couldn’t stop reading... Matthew Vaughn’s movies are thrilling, inventive and filled with beautifully executed action set pieces."


Henry Cavill is Agent Argylle

The flattop-styled hero of Elly Conway's books, Argylle is stylish, unflappable and exactly the person you'd want beside you in a dangerous situation. Actor Henry Cavill reunites with director Matthew Vaughn following their collaboration on 2007's charming fantasy-adventure Stardust.

“I felt Henry could give me all the classic spy stuff,” says Vaughn.“He can give me a wink; he can do all the things I want from a spy. Agent Argylle’s appearance is a bold, instantly iconic throwback to the ‘80s. I have had an enduring obsession with the styles of that era, including the likes of Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, and the era’s signature flattops. That’s why we decided to give Argylle one.

"Henry’s portrayal is great. I needed someone who could exude the essence of a James Bond-type character, but with a twist. Whoever could play James Bond, I thought, ‘I’m going to give him a flattop and a Nehru jacket.’ It is quite challenging to pull off that look but Henry managed to do it seamlessly. Henry could make a fabulous Bond as well, and that’s why we cast him."


Dua Lipa is Lagrange

Agent Argylle's nemesis, Lagrange is attractive, deadly and always willing to work for the highest bidder. She's played by music sensation Dua Lipa and although she's already appeared in Greta Gerwig's smash-hit Barbie, this is technically her movie debut. That's because Dua was cast in Argylle before filming her part in Barbie.

“What I love about Matthew is he’s always out there pushing boundaries,” Lipa says. “There is this wonderful contrast to the movie. There are incredible stunts and fight scenes, but there is also this disco element that has been intertwined. And I’m a sucker for juxtaposition."


John Cena is Wyatt

Serving as the self-described ‘muscle,’ Wyatt, played by John Cena, is the best friend and main accomplice to agent Argylle. 

“[Matthew Vaughn] was selling to someone who was already buying,” Cena says. “I can’t describe how much I love the Kingsman franchise. If Matthew just wanted me to stand in the background of this movie, I would have done it. Matthew's ability to create a universe from the ground up is incredibly rare. He is able to conjure IP [intellectual property] from thin air.”


Samuel L. Jackson is Alfred Solomon

Jackson and Vaughn evidently enjoyed working together on the first Kingsman movie because they're now back together for Argylle. Jackson's mysterious character Solomon holds all the cards and knows all the secrets about the Division, which makes him an important piece of the puzzle. 

“]Solomon] knows where a lot of the skeletons are buried, so he has access to a lot of information—or he has ways of getting information," says Jackson. "Matthew trusts me and allows me to present my ideas for the character to him—how the character looks, dresses, sounds. He trusts my instincts for creating a character that is going to work inside of the kind of story he’s going to tell.

"Working on this film for me was a bit like doing a play because I do a lot of studying before I ever get to set. Matthew and I talk before we go to work, so that he knows what I am about to do. He pays meticulous attention to every detail, and he is a technical genius, but one of his greatest strengths as a filmmaker is that he trusts his actors.”


Ariana DeBose is Keira

West Side Story Oscar-winner DeBose plays Keira in Elly Conway’s imaginary world of the Argylle novels, a field tech who often teams up with agent Argylle and Wyatt—usually to bail them out of trouble/

“With [Matthew Vaughn], I always go back to elegance,” DeBose says. “You know how you always knew when you were watching something from Bob Fosse? I feel that way about Matthew: You always know when you are watching a Matthew Vaughn film. It’s one of those pinch-me moments. I’m honored to be even a small part of this universe."


Sofia Boutella is Saba Al-Badr and Richard E. Grant is Fowler

Kingsman actor Boutella plays the mysterious 'Keeper of Secrets'  known as Saba Al-Badr, who resides in a fortress-like palace. Veteran British scene-stealer Grant portrays Fowler, a senior member of agent Argylle’s spy organization based in Washington DC.


Chip the Cat is Alfie

Argylle's show-stopping feline is played by Matthew Vaughn's very own pet cat, Chip. The director explains: "On the first day of filming Argylle, the professional acting cat we hired turned out to be expensive and utterly uncooperative. So, I went to my daughter’s room, picked up Chip, and declared that he would join me for the next three months of work.

"Driving to the set with a cat in the car was an unusual experience, and Chip lived in my trailer during filming. Over time, he won me over, and his performance in the film was excellent. He became the perfect source of contention between the characters, and, surprisingly, he was charming, fun and scene-stealing."

The following Alfie cat poster is a reminder that Argylle is showing at Cineworld in IMAX. This is your chance to immerse yourself in all manner of bullet-ridden, fur-flying, blackly comic mayhem that's boosted by superior image clarity and dynamic, all-encompassing surround sound. Who could ask for more when seeing a Matthew Vaughn movie on the big screen?

Argylle IMAX movie poster


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