Avengers: Age of Ultron dominates global box office

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Avengers: Age of Ultron asserted its hold over the international box office this past weekend. Marvel's latest epic adventure has already taken an enormous $201.2m worldwide – which is probably the same amount that Tony Stark spends on home security.

Variety reports that the movie took the staggering sum from 44 international markets, including the UK, France, Germany and Russia. The movie is yet to open in the US, where it's hoped that Age of Ultron will surpass Avengers Assemble's mighty $207.4m opening.

"The bar was high, but this is a sign of unbelievable momentum in the marketplace," says Disney’s distribution chief Dave Hollis. "It all goes back to the strength of the brand and the incredible work the Marvel team does in telling stories in such a consistent way and creating these worlds."

It's yet another indication of the world-conquering success of the Marvel brand: frenetic action, witty humour and fan-pleasing mythology. All eyes will now be on this summer's Ant-Man, which many are hoping will continue the lucrative results.

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