Babylon: go behind the scenes of the insane new drama from the director of La La Land

Arriving next January, the three-hour epic Babylon is set to demolish your expectations of Hollywood's 'Golden Age'. It's the new movie from Damien Chazelle, no stranger to the ins and outs of Tinseltown having scored an Oscar-winning success with the enchanting La La Land.

However, Babylon is set to be the raucous, badly-behaved cousin of that Academy darling. Replete with cocaine, depravity, booze and elephants (yes, you read that right), the movie flips the lid off an age of excess as we bear witness to a film industry transitioning from silent cinema to talking pictures.

Singin' in the Rain this ain't. Among Babylon's memorable miscreants are Brad Pitt's fading movie star Jack Conrad, Margot Robbie's hard-partying socialite Nellie LaRoy (said to be based on silent movie legend Clara Bow) and Diego Calva's aspirational yet wayward Manny Torres.

Having played to a select group of American critics, the movie has sharply split opinion with many people praising the movie for its ambition as others decry it for its excess. But doesn't that make you want to see Babylon all the more?

Given the pedigree of those involved, plus an ear-shattering jazz score from La La Land Oscar-winner Justin Hurwitz, this is bound to shock and delight in equal measure. Go behind the scenes and get an idea of what to expect. Babylon is released at Cineworld on January 20, 2023.

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