Bodies Bodies Bodies: everything you need to know about the Gen-Z horror comedy

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the wickedly entertaining new horror comedy that turns hashtag into slashtag.

When a group of hip young Gen Z-ers hole up at a house party during a hurricane, little do they know that a murderer is in their midst.

Pretty soon, members of the various bickering cliques start dying horribly, prompting the survivors to play detective and second-guess the killer's next movie.

Cross the knowing qualities of Scream with the seemingly impossible plots of Queen of Crime Agatha Christie, and you're somewhere towards imagining Bodies Bodies Bodies.

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What is the story of Bodies Bodies Bodies?

The story of Bodies Bodies Bodies pivots around lovers Sophie and Bee. The former has invited Bee to a so-called 'hurricane party' at a lavish, isolated mansion owned by one of Sophie's close friends.

The other sickeningly rich attendees include podcaster Alice, actress Emma and the mysterious David whose parents own the house. As the snark and the cocktails begin to flow in equal measure, the incoming storm knocks out the power to the mansion.

Forced to rely on their phones for more than just Instagram and TikTok, the hapless youngsters then find themselves confronted with a deadly psycho lurking among them. It all starts with an apparently harmless game in which people are 'killed' by someone simply touching them.

However, when one of the amusingly vapid crew turns up dead with their throat cut, the situation escalates from soap opera backbiting into a bloody, darkly comic battle for survival.


Who stars in Bodies Bodies Bodies?

The talented young cast is led by Amandla Stenberg as Sophie. Stenberg excelled as the justice-seeking teen in the powerful The Hate U Give and has subsequently garnered attention for the likes of Dear Evan Hansen.

Tag-along Bee is played by rising star Maria Bakalova who stole the show as Sacha Baron Cohen's on-screen daughter in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm.

The affluent David is played by Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson. The rest of the cast includes Guardians of the Galaxy's Lee Pace and The Book of Mormon's Myha'la Herrold.


Who distributes Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the latest movie from indie stalwarts A24. The studio's input is quite staggering, having encompassed a raft of genre-defying, transgressive and chilling independent horror movies including Hereditary, The Lighthouse and X.

A24 has also distributed such critical darlings as this year's Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Green Knight, Ex Machina and Moonlight. They're famous for backing a raft of exciting, up-and-coming filmmakers, represented, in the case of Bodies Bodies Bodies, by Dutch filmmaker Halina Rejin.

The latter has won praise for her visually provocative and honest exploration of sexuality in movies such as Instinct (2019), and this is parlayed into the egalitarian, objective depiction of the Sophie/Bee relationship in Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Put simply, A24 is the byword for trendy, contemporary horror and drama cinema that has its finger on the pulse of today's youth (and chances are, that very same finger would be severed for dramatic effect).


What have the critics said about Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Bodies Bodies Bodies has been critically acclaimed. It currently sports a strong 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes where it's described as: "Impeccably cast and smartly written... an uncommonly well-done whodunit."

Many noted critics have gone out to bat for the movie, noting its subversive wit and talented young cast. This includes Variety critic Owen Gleiberman who notes the movie's social commentary and sharp writing.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is Halina Reijn’s second feature, but she’s a veteran actor who stages the movie as a freewheeling actors’ banquet," writes Gleiberman. "She’s working from a script, by Sarah Delappe, that lays out the relationships like something in a diagram, but the dialogue is blade-sharp.

"There’s a message buried somewhere in all this — about how today’s twentysomethings are too obsessed with creating demons, often out of thin air, and knocking them down. Yet it’s not as if the movie doesn’t revel in that.

"In a way, it takes mean-girl culture to its logical conclusion, asking: What’s the point of having friends if they’re simply the people you’re most comfortable hating?"

We're sure that finding out is part of the fun.


Is there an Unlimited screening of Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Yes, the Unlimited screening of Bodies Bodies Bodies takes place on August 23rd.


When does Bodies Bodies Bodies go on general release at Cineworld?

Bodies Bodies Bodies goes on wide release at Cineworld on September 9th. Check out the trailer below for a flavour of what to expect.