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The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Captain Marvel has finally arrived in Cineworld. Scroll down to book your tickets for the latest Marvel movie and the rest of this week's releases.

Captain Marvel

What's the story? Set in the 1990s, Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN MARVEL is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that follows the journey of Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes. While a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth, Danvers finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of the maelstrom.

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Miss Bala (wide release)

What's the story? Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) finds a power she never knew she had when she is drawn into a dangerous world of cross-border crime. Surviving will require all of her cunning, inventiveness, and strength.

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The Kindergarten Teacher (limited release)

What's the story? MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL stars as Lisa Spinelli, a kindergarten teacher and poet fed up with her career, her oblivious husband and teenage kids who largely ignore her. When she discovers that a five-year-old in her class may be a poetic prodigy, Lisa becomes fascinated and tries to protect him from neglectful parents. She soon finds herself risking her career and family to nurture his talent.

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Border (Swedish; limited release)

What's the story? Sweden's entry for the Oscars and from the writer of Let the Right One In, BORDER is a film like no other. Tina (Eva Melander) is a border guard who has the ability to smell human emotions and catch smugglers. When she comes across a mysterious man with a smell that confounds her detection, she is forced to confront hugely disturbing insights about herself and humankind.

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Scotch: The Golden Dram (wide release)

What's the story? For more than a century, Scotch whisky has been the premier international spirit of choice. Uisge beatha, Gaelic for 'water of life', is enjoyed in more than 200 countries, generating over 6 billion dollars in exports each year. While capturing stunning Scottish landscapes, the real heart of the film is the fascinating people who make Scotch whisky. This includes the Cinderella tale of legendary master distiller Jim McEwan, an industry veteran who takes on a dilapidated distillery on his home island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides and turns it into an award-winning blend.

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Guddiyan Patole (Punjabi)

What's the story? What happens next, when you are told by the circumstances, that whatever you feel you are, that is just a myth, that your whole identity is a borrowed one, that you belong to something else. Your life gets shattered, and you start to bring the pieces together. You intentionally or unintentionally embark upon a journey of self discovery. This story is all about the self discovery of two young girls. The two young girls, who were made to live separately in their childhood, because their parents wished to live their own lives separately, are brought together by destiny. The destiny which forced their maternal grandparents to call their mother and them, back to India, back to their homeland, Punjab. The same maternal side, who broke all the threads with their mother, when she fell in love with a foreigner and got married. It's been a while, nearly two decades, and the void between these girls' ideology and their true identity has been emerged, this story is all about filling that void. Yeah, This story is all about, how they embark upon a journey, on the path of self discovery. And how on their journey, they discover their roots, their culture, their true identity, those relationships in Punjab, which they had no idea about, helps. This journey, even helps them to make a young lad from Punjab to find his own life's goal, when these two girls path cross, this guy's life. And how he while, being a companion on the journey of these two girls self discovery, find himself.

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Oldur Beni Sevgilim (Turkish)

What's the story? Can a lottery prize save a marriage that has run out of steam? Or will it end it for good? In this entertaining comedy, Demet and Okan find out the answer. A comedy full of adventure, Oldur Beni Sevgilim promises audiences moments of love, excitement, action, and much laughter.

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Bell Bottom (Kannada)

What's the story? There is a robbery in town and detective Diwakar doesn't have any clue to solve the case. While all his attempts have failed to close the case, a small hint will find him at the helm of solving the mystery. Will he be able to find the culprit?

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Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel (Malayalam)

What's the story? A comedy drama directed by B Unnikrishnan with Dileep and Mamta Mohandas playing the lead. A lawyer gets more than he bargained for when he takes on an important case.

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Bolshoi Ballet: The Sleeping Beauty (Sunday 10th March, 3pm)

What's the story? The Princess Aurora falls under the curse of the Evil Fairy Carabosse on her sixtenth birthday, falling into a deep slumber of one hundred years. Only the kiss of a prince could break the spell. A resplendent fairytale ballet perfomed by the Bolshoi, The Sleeping Beauty features scores of magical characters including fairies, the Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and a beautiful young Princess Aurora performed by Olga Smirnova, a 'truly extraordinary talent' (The Telegraph). This is classical ballet at its finest. Captured live on Jan. 22, 2017.

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The White Crow plus live satellite Q&A with director Ralph Fiennes (Tuesday 12th March, 7pm)

What's the story? The incredible true story of legendary dancer Rudolf Nureyev is brought vividly to life by Academy Award-nominee Ralph Fiennes and BAFTA winning screenwriter David Hare. From Nureyev's poverty-stricken childhood in the Soviet city of Ufa, to his blossoming as a student dancer in Leningrad, to his nail-biting escape from the KGB and defection to the West at the height of the Cold War, The White Crow is a gripping, revelatory look at a unique artist who transformed the world of ballet forever. Book now to see a special preview and live satellite Q&A with director Ralph Fiennes and special guests on March 12th.

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