Book your Cineworld tickets for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Why do you get if you cross Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds with the world of Pokemon? The answer is Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the latest big screen adaptation of the worldwide pop culture sensation.

Of course, this is much more family-friendly than Reynolds' previous blockbuster outings – and the good news is, you can now book your Cineworld tickets for the movie, due for release on 10th May.

Reynolds voices the eponymous Pikachu, an impossibly cute yet savvy private eye operating within Ryme City, a vast metropolis where Pokemon and humans co-exist. The two species' can't understand one another – until young rookie cop Tim (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Justice Smith) crosses paths with Pikachu and discovers he has the ability to understand him. On the hunt for his missing father, Tim teams up with Pikachu and uncovers a mysterious Pokemon conspiracy.

As the trailers have already made clear, the movie is studded with references, both overt and covert, to Pokemon lore. Some of the classic creatures set to turn up include bulbasaur, jigglypuff and psyduck – spotting all these guys within the context of a given scene is set to be half the fun.

Of course, the movie centres on the unlikely odd couple bromance between Tim and Pikachu, and early Twitter responses have praised the movie's warm, affectionate tone.

Click here to book your tickets for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, released on 10th May.