Bottoms: go behind the scenes of the outrageous new high-school comedy

Punky new high-school comedy Bottoms, arriving in November, takes great delight in tackling age-old taboos while also elevating positive conversations surrounding equality and identity. Bodies Bodies Bodies actor Rachel Sennott co-writes and stars as PJ, an isolated high-school teen who is infuriated about being solely defined by her queer sexuality.

PJ then teams up with her friend Josie (Ayo Edebiri) to start a high-school fight club. Although the two girls initially start it to score dates and lose their virginity, they soon realise that a sense of magnanimity and companionship arises out of smashing each other to the canvas in the gymnasium. 

Immediately empowered, the club members set out to tackle the sneering and cynicism they face from the various school cliques including the typical jock football players. Directed by Emma Seligman, Bottoms consistently underlines its open-minded and sincere message with outrageous moments of physical humour, building to a climax that needs to be seen to be believed.

Find out more about the making of the movie and its characters in the following clip.


Want to get schooled in the art of combat? Bottoms is released at Cineworld on November 3rd. Unlimited members get to see it first during the Unlimited screening on October 30th.