Brightburn terrifies Cineworld Unlimited audiences in preview screening

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James Gunn-produced superhero-horror movie Brightburn has screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members. This inversion of comic book tropes imagines what would happen if Superman were a bad guy, as a young alien child realises his destructive and terrifying super-powers. So what did the Unlimited crowd make of it?

We'll start with this from Deryck Fullerton who says the movie delivers on its creepy potential.

Cheltenham Cinematic are among many who praise the movie's level of inventive nastiness.

Chris is another viewer who makes a point of singling out the gore.

Sir Dan Mumford says there are possible allusions to future movies contained within...

Claire Witney says the scariness of the movie caught her off guard.

Bill Curzon praises the central performances.

However, Jeremy Cramp wanted the story to be better fleshed out.

And Townie says that although they found the film enjoyable, the plotline was somewhat predictable.

Anyone else who was at last night's Unlimited screening can tweet us their reactions @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited. Brightburn is released on 21st June.

Don't forget your second Unlimited screening of the month is Yesterday, which previews on 19th June. Danny Boyle directs and Richard Curtis scripts this sweet story of a bike courier who co-opts the music of The Beatles and becomes the biggest music star in the world.

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