Bullet Train: meet the deadly squad of the new Brad Pitt action movie

Brad Pitt boards the Bullet Train and speeds towards frenetic, all-action mayhem in this week's major new Cineworld release.

The Oscar-winning actor-producer (whom we were lucky enough to interview at the Cineworld Bullet Train premiere) plays assassin Lady Bug. On a seemingly routine mission from Tokyo to Kyoto, tasked by his handler, Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock), Lady Bug is pulled into a bullet-strewn battle with his professional rivals.

As marshalled by Atomic Blonde helmer David Leitch, what follows is nihilistic, darkly funny and utterly relentless. 

Bullet Train screens in Cineworld in a host of different viewing formats from this Wednesday, including 4DX (hit the premiere link above to hear Brad's thoughts on it). Before you claim your tickets, however, it's time to meet the gloriously deranged passengers of the Bullet Train.

1. Lady Bug

Played by Brad Pitt

Lady Bug is the ostensible hero of the piece, and allows Pitt to build on those fighting abilities he demonstrated in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (for which Pitt won the Oscar). 

David Leitch has confirmed that Pitt performed 99% of his own stunts, so could we be seeing the veteran actor in his own Taken-style movie vehicle in the future? Please, someone, make it happen. 

Brad Pitt Bullet Train movie poster

2. Prince

Played by Joey King

Don't let the apparently placid exterior fool you. The unassuming Prince is one of the deadliest characters aboard the Bullet Train, motivated only by action and chaos. She's played by The Conjuring's Joey King.

Joey King Bullet Train movie poster

3. Lemon 

Played by Brian Tyree Henry

This eccentric but dangerous hitman enjoys passing themselves off as a twin alongside Tangerine (see below). As played by Eternals' Henry, Lemon shares a history with Lady Bug. That means sparks are going to fly en route to Kyoto.

Brian Tyree Henry Bullet Train movie poster

4. Tangerine

Played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Lemon's right-hand man, Tangerine (played by Kick-Ass' Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is more than capable of matching wits with Lady Bug in a fist fight.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bullet Train movie poster

5. The Wolf

Played by Bad Bunny

Motivated solely by revenge, the relentless Wolf is played by rapper Bad Bunny, who made his film debut in Fast & Furious 9.

Bad Bunny Bullet Train movie poster

6. Yuichi Kimura

Played by Andrew Koji

Lithe Japanese swordsman Yuichi makes a vivid impression amidst the claustrophobic confines of the Bullet Train. He's portrayed by Snake Eyes actor Andrew Koji.

Andrew Koji Bullet Train movie poster

7. The White Death

Played by Michael Shannon

Intense Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (Nocturnal Animals; The Shape of Water) is surely the ideal person to depict a ruthless criminal leader. 

Michael Shannon Bullet Train movie poster

Are you ready to take the ride? Click here to book your tickets for Bullet Train, arriving at Cineworld on August 3rd.