The cast of Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For interviewed at Comic-Con

“You feel transported into this world, and it’s not anything like your day-to-day, so you really get to feel that escape,” said Jessica Alba when describing Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For at this year's Comic-Con.

It's been nine years since the release of the first Sin City, the ultra-violent and ultra stylish slice of pulp noir adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novels – so what changes have occured?

“There’s a lot of change in the technology,” said Rosario Dawson, who reprises her role as uber-tough street fighter Gail. Although her character seems just as hard-edged as ever, Dawson explained that a different aspect of Gail's personality becomes apparent in the new film: "You see a lighter side to her."

Alba’s character, meanwhile, has definitely gone in another direction. "Nancy’s a total badass in this one!" is how Dawson described her co-star’s alter ego. Alba agreed: "Nancy was really naïve and kind of nervous, and a victim [in the first film]... In this one she loses her mind and becomes a warrior."

When Josh Brolin was asked about working on the film, his inner fanboy was revealed. “To be able to work with Frank [Miller] was amazing,” said the actor, who plays key character Dwight (a role vacated by Clive Owen). Miller's stories and artwork are "iconic" he added. "I’m lucky to be working with these guys. As a geeky fan, I’m very happy to be in this film. It is so original, there’s nothing like it. I was very proud to be in it."

Never say die! 

On a completely unrelated (but no less important) note, Brolin also responded to ongoing rumours that there’s going be a sequel to The Goonies (he played Brand, the big brother of Sean Astin's Mikey, in the 80s kids’ classic). It sounds like he’s in, if they ever make it: "I am ready to go back, I would love to do that," he enthused.

The word on the street

The critics have been somewhat divided on the sequel/prequel to the highly regarded Sin City, but everything I’ve heard and read from people who are fans of the original has been positive.

People are raving the most about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance as Johnny, a new character created by Miller especially for the new movie. "He was the wildcard," admitted co-director Robert Rodriguez. JGL wasn’t present with the other cast members, but you can read about his take on A Dame To Kill For here.

"It’s not for everyone," said Dawson. "It’s especially not for children [understatement of the year - ed] – and there’s something about that that makes it so much more fun." 

For my money, Sin City was a fresh take on the noir genre, and if you liked that, you’ll like this.

A Dame to Kill For is out now – click here to book your tickets.

Source: Huffington Post