Challengers stars Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist serve up the answers in our Cineworld interview

Challengers serves up a volley of sex, humour and character drama both on and off the tennis court while showcasing a trio of talented, fast-rising young actors.

Zendaya delivers her most complex and nuanced role to date as Tashi, a one-time tennis champion who is sidelined by a sudden injury. Tashi then schemes her way back into the limelight by pitting her husband, champion tennis player Art (West Side Story's Mike Faist), against her one-time boyfriend, and Art's current courtside rival, Patrick (God's Own Country's Josh O'Connor).

The stage is set for a witty and spirited love triangle in which the psychological mind games hit just as hard as the serves. Behind the camera director Luca Guadagnino, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the Oscar-winning Call Me By Your Name, keeps the interplay sweaty, intense and endlessly watchable.

We caught up with Zendaya, Josh and Mike during our behind-the-scenes interview and they served up all the answers relating to their characters and tennis-playing abilities. Check it out below.


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