Elf - Exclusively At Cineworld

We here at Cineworld are as chuffed as Rudolph when he's told he will be leading Santa's sleigh on that foggy Christmas Eve! Elf - that fantastic confection of sweetness and joy is coming to a Cineworld near you for Christmas! A Cineworld Exclusive for you and yours to enjoy and share. Whether it's your first time or it's your Christmas tradition, a chance to see Elf in all it's big-screen glory is not to be missed. It's almost as good as a trip to New York City (or the North Pole - whichever is colder!).

My Favourite Quotes:

Santa: I've been to New York thousands of times.
Buddy: Really?
Santa: Mm-hmm.
Buddy: What's it like?
Santa: Well, there are some things you should know. First off, you see gum on the street, leave it there. It isn't free candy.
Buddy: Oh.
Santa: Second, there are, like, thirty Ray's Pizzas. They all claim to be the original. But the real one's on 11th. And if you see a sign that says "Peep Show", that doesn't mean that they're letting you look at the new toys before Christmas.

Gimbel's Manager: Why are you smiling like that?
Buddy: I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite


Buddy: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Buddy: Deb, you have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card!
Deb: Oh, you just made my day!

Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

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