The July movies you need to watch with the Cineworld Unlimited 100 Movies Challenge

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It's official: 2019 is the year of film, and Cineworld Unlimited members know it too. In fact, we noticed that some Unlimited members set themselves the challenge to make full use of their Unlimited cards by seeing 100 movies in 2019.

So we thought we’d show you just how easy it is to complete the #100FilmsIn2019 challenge by listing just 100 of the epic movies heading your way this year. From comic book adventures, to Disney favourites, from epic sci-fi to terrifying horrors - how many will YOU be able to tick off?

July 2019 movies

  • 61. Spider-Man: Far From Home – The first trailer has swung online, teasing the ongoing adventures of Tom Holland's infectiously exuberant Peter Parker. Picking up from the events of 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming (although we're struggling to determine if it takes place before or after Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame), this new Spider-Man adventure takes the wall-crawler on a European adventure, pitting him against Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio.

  • 62. The Queen's Corgi – An all-star British cast lend their talents to this tail-wagging animated adventure about Queen Elizabeth's closest canine companions. Jack Whitehall voices Corgi Rex who becomes separated from his beloved monarch, with support from Julie Walters as Her Maj, plus Ray Winstone, Sheridan Smith  Tom Courtenay.

  • 63. Annabelle Comes Home – The creepy doll resurfaces again in the latest installment of the spine-tingling Conjuring universe. Producer James Wan confirmed last year this new movie would take place after the events of the first Annabelle, exploring what happens when the demonic toy is locked inside the house of the ghost-hunting Warrens. IT, Annabelle and The Nun screenwriter Gary Dauberman takes over as director.

  • 64. Stuber – Following his breakout turn in charming 2017 comedy The Big Sick, Kumail Nanjiani is back with another laugh out loud premise. He stars as a mild-mannered Uber driver in this wacky comedy who makes the mistake of his life when picking up a grizzled detective on the trail of a bloodthirsty terrorist. And making things even funnier is the fact said detective is played by Guardians of the Galaxy bruiser Dave Bautista.

  • 65. The Lion King – Director Jon Favreau reinvented Disney's The Jungle Book to spectacular effect in 2016, effortlessly mixing live-action performance with photo-realistic CGI. Will his new take on the studio's 1994 masterpiece The Lion King produce the same results? Donald Glover is the voice of the adult Simba, Beyonce is Nala and James Earl Jones returns as wise Mufasa.

  • 66. Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans – Friends, Romans, Celts... Lend us your ears. The popular British TV show looks back at the Roman rule of the civilised world – including Britain. The young Emperor Nero must battle his scheming mother to fight for ultimate power, while Celt queen Boudicca gathers an army in Britain to repel the rotten Romans. Will they fall on opposite sides or forge a friendship in the chaos of Celtic-inspired rebellion?

  • 67. The Current War – Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon lead the star-studded cast, playing the great American inventor Thomas Edison and his rival entrepreneur George Westinghouse. Discover the dramatic story of the race to light up America and power the world, featuring Nicholas Hoult as the Nikola Tesla, Katherine Waterston as Westinghouse's wife Marguerite, Tom Holland as Edison's secretary Samuel Insull, Matthew Macfadyen as the famous banker J.P. Morgan, and Tuppence Middleton as Edison's wife Mary.

How many movies will you watch this year? Tweet us @Cineworld and using #100Filmsin2019.

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