Cineworlders share their formative cinema experiences as The Fabelmans is released

Steven Spielberg's multi-Oscar-nominated The Fabelmans is many things. On the one hand, it's Spielberg's cathartic way of dealing with his parents' divorce. On the other, it's an ode to the magical power of cinema, and the camera's ability to both reveal and conceal important truths.

Spielberg uses his on-screen surrogate Sammy Fabelman (played as a child by Mateo Zoryan Francis-DeFord and as a teenager by Gabriel LaBelle) to lend a uniquely intimate insight into his artistic obsessions. The younger Sammy's imagination is fired when, at the start of the movie, he and his parents (played by Michelle Williams and Paul Dano) take him to see Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular The Greatest Show on Earth.

It turns out to be a formative moment in Sammy's life, spurring him to pick up a variety of cameras throughout his life as his ambition and passion for moviemaking continues to escalate. Given the themes of the film, we wondered, what were the important formative movies for Cineworlders? We put the question out on Twitter and we've curated some of the responses below.


You'll surely agree that's a varied line-up of masterpiece movies, ones that evidently exerted an important formative impact on the Cineworld audience. 

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