Eli Roth takes you behind the scenes of his new slasher horror Thanksgiving

The small American town of Plymouth, Massachusetts is renowned as the site of the first Thanksgiving ceremony. But this November, provocative horror filmmaker Eli Roth carves up any notion of historical prestige with his gory new shocker Thanksgiving

The film takes Plymouth as its setting, one that is haunted by a Black Friday tragedy. Some years later, in the build-up to the latest Thanksgiving celebrations, a masked killer emerges and starts offing people in macabre and inventive ways. It falls to a small group of friends to expose the psycho before even greater carnage ensues.

It's exactly what one expects from the director of Cabin Fever and Hostel: gruesome death scenes and plenty of sly homages to past slasher movie classics. If you've got the stomach for people being proverbially carved like a Thanksgiving turkey, then check out this behind-the-scenes clip hosted by Roth himself.


Want to know more about the movie's mystery killer, John Carver? Watch the following clip.

If you're planning to feast on Thanksgiving's grisly delights, then click the link below to book your tickets. The movie is released on November 17th.