Halloween Ends featurette takes us on the journey of Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie

Is Halloween Ends, in fact, the endpoint for Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode? Having survived multiple rampages by masked killer Michael Myers, Laurie is now pulled into the fight of her life. In the wake of Halloween Kills, Laurie's nemesis has been absent for four years – but she knows it's only a matter of time before Michael returns to Haddonfield, Illinois for another bloody killing spree.

Curtis has been with the Halloween franchise since it was initiated by writer/director John Carpenter in 1978. The first movie depicted the young Laurie's initial skirmish with the apparently supernatural Michael, an experience that scarred her for life after the psychopath eliminated most of her friends.

Curtis found herself cemented as an archetypal 'final girl', the term used to describe the last soul standing in a slasher movie after a morality-driven onslaught of death and destruction. (In slasher movies, the role of victim versus survivor typically pertains to those who've had sex and those who haven't.)

Carpenter's prowling, low-budget horror was a sensational success, making more than 100 times its budget back and kickstarting a franchise, not to mention a wider slasher horror cycle that included the likes of Friday the 13th. However, Curtis' presence has always been the grounding factor, and the older Laurie's tremulous vulnerability has now been translated into the series of contemporary Halloween reboots/sequels, helmed by David Gordon Green.

Go behind the scenes of the upcoming Halloween Ends in the video below and discover how Curtis has reached this point. It reinforces how she's the lynchpin of one of horror's most successful and long-lasting properties.


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