Halloween Kills: go behind the scenes of the horror movie sequel

Back in 2018, the Halloween reboot made a killing in more ways than one. Directed by David Gordon Green, it junked years of unnecessary sequels and honoured the spirit of John Carpenter's original 1978 masterpiece, yielding critical and commercial success in the process.

Green re-teams with his co-star Danny McBride for this year's sequel Halloween Kills, in which the indestructible Michael Myers causes yet more carnage in the afflicted town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Jamie Lee Curtis again makes a strong impression as Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Michael's original 1978 rampage, although this time she's laid up in hospital after attempting to burn Michael to the ground in her booby-trapped house.

Big mistake: the killer escapes and finds yet more inventive ways to dispense with Haddonfield's residents, prompting a lynch mob to go after him led by Tommy (Anthony Michael Hall), whom Laurie babysat on that fateful night back in 1978. The movie promises another onslaught of nostalgically gory fun, particularly when Laurie's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Alison (Andi Matichak) summon their inner strength to take Michael on themselves.

Go behind the scenes in the following featurettes, which explore the legacy of Michael Myers, the generational influence of Curtis' pioneering character Laurie and the enduring appeal of the terrifying Halloween saga.




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