Horror Movie Releases in 2024

Mapping out your movie calendar for 2024? Allow us to step in and do the job for you. Here's your essential round-up of this year's horror movie releases.

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Be sure to return to this blog for regular updates to the film slate.

(Release dates are correct at the time of writing and are susceptible to late changes.)

  • April 5th: The First Omen
  • June 28th: A Quiet Place: Day One
  • TBC date - Longlegs
  • August 16th: Alien: Romulus
  • September 6th: Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
  • October 18th: Smile 2

1. The First Omen (released April 5th, 2024)

The original Omen trilogy compelled us to fear the name Damien, stay away from church spires and bear witness to the terror of the number 666. Several decades after the release of the initial Omen movie, a horror blockbuster that won composer Jerry Goldsmith an Oscar, we're getting re-acquainted with the AntiChrist in this prequel story about the events that led to the dreaded Damien's birth.



2. Abigail (released April 19th)

A group of criminals get more than they bargained for in this gore-soaked chiller from Ready or Not and Scream directors Radio Silence (aka Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett). When said crooks break into a house and hold a seemingly innocent young girl to ransom, they cannot foresee that she's a savage, bloodthirsty vampire – and she's got an insatiable appetite.

3. A Quiet Place: Day One (released June 28th, 2024)

Silence is golden in the A Quiet Place franchise. John Krasinski's chilling horror blockbusters explore a world that's beset by sound-sensitive monsters, which were established as alien invaders in the second movie, released in 2021. Now, we go back to where it all began with Pig director Michael Sarnoski directing an all-star cast led by Lupita Nyong'o. Krasinski takes a story credit and Djimon Hounsou returns from the second film.

4. Longlegs (July 2024 TBC)

Who can resist the icy, slithery touch of a great occult chiller? Indie horror specialist Neon (Infinity Pool; Enys Men) is set to distribute this atmospheric story from noted genre director Osgood Perkins (I Am the Pretty Thing Who Lives in the House). It Follows star Maika Monroe plays the unsuspecting FBI agent whose investigation into an unsolved case of a serial killer leads her down a demonic rabbit hole. Plus, we get to savour the singular Nicolas Cage in a mystery role (he also produces). Is he playing the murderer?

5. Alien Romulus (released August 16th, 2024)

The Alien franchise continues to exert a powerful influence over modern horror cinema. In the wake of Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, both of which acted as prequels to Scott's 1979 masterpiece, we now return to the world of the xenomorphs. The team behind the suspenseful Don't Breathe movies, comprising director Fede Álvarez and scriptwriter Rodo Sayagues, is now at the helm, bringing us a chapter set in the 57-year gap between Alien and Aliens.

6. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (released September 6th, 2024)

Tim Burton put himself on the map with the delightfully manic and morbid comedy-horror Beetlejuice. Released in 1988, it unleashed 'the ghost with the most': Michael Keaton's titular bio-exorcist who helps newly undeads Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis scare a family of yuppies out of their former abode. Keaton shot to fame off the back of his hilarious central performance and he now returns to the role with original stars Catherine O'Hara and Winona Ryder resurrecting their roles as Delia and Lydia Deetz. Jenna Ortega, Monica Bellucci and Willem Dafoe are also on board.

7. Smile 2 (released October 18th, 2024)

Released in 2022, horror-chiller Smile proved to be a surprise sleeper hit. Written and directed by Parker Finn, it wove the tale of a hideous curse that manifests in the form of a demonic rictus grin. It was a simple yet bone-chilling idea that worked like a charm at the box office. Finn is expected to return and helm the sequel, which will hopefully prove to be even more petrifying than the original.


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