If Beale Street Could Talk: check out the Unlimited screening responses

Oscar nominated drama If Beale Street Could Talk screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members last night, and their reactions are in.

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins marshals a poetic, romantic, yet hard-hitting adaptation of James Baldwin's 1974 novel. Stephan James and KiKi Layne play Fonny and Tish, a young, black Harlem couple who are about to welcome their first child into the world. However, they are beset by racial prejudice and injustice, and when Fonny is sent to prison on a false charge of rape, Tish must rush to secure his release before the baby is born.

So what did Unlimited members make of it? Jordan Gallagher lauds the veracity and authenticity of the performances.

Simon Tuck says Jenkins even manages to top his earlier Oscar-winning classic.

AusterityGamer also raves about Jenkins's sense of visual beauty and use of music from composer Nicholas Britell, who also composed the score for Moonlight.

Katie says lead actors James and Lane bring emotional power to the movie.

Corinna has watched the film for the second time and believes it should be up for more Oscars than it already is. (It's been nominated for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Supporting Actress for Regina King.)

On the other hand, the film's length and intentionally deliberate pacing presented an issue for some viewers, including Anita. (She does however reserve praise for the acting and soundtrack.)

And Capricious admits she struggled with the film's approach.

Anyone else who was at last night's screening can tweet their responses @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited. If Beale Street Could Talk goes on wide release on 8th February.

That caps off a sensational month of Unlimited screenings, so stay tuned for more details of more previews arriving in the not-too-distant future.

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